Call of Cthulhu 1920s

The Haunting

Call of Cthulhu – Classic Era, 1920’s, First Session of Game Play. (6-23-2012) “The Haunting”

Keeper: Jim McKinley


Joan McKinley – Mary Dunham (Librarian)
Jamie McKinley – Nathan Drake (Treasure Hunter)
David – Orvil Denver (Forensic Specialist)
Vernon Dearduff – Karl von Rottweil (Federal Agent)

Journal of Karl von Rottweil

Date: 8, August, 1922.

Early Morning: Arkham, The University.

Mary was contacted by an acquaintance, seeking help. It seems that a property owner in Boston has had a run of bad luck with one of his properties and is unable to keep tenants. There have been some strange occurrences and he would like our help to determine the cause and if possible, have the problem solved.

We have accepted the task and will be driving to Boston this morning. The team will consist of myself, Mary Dunham, Nathan Drake, and Orvil Denver.

Mid Morning: Boston, The Library.

Our research leads us to the ruins of “The Chapel of Contemplation”. During our investigations of these ruins, Nathan and Orvil fell trough the rotting floor and into a hidden chamber in the basement. Here we found the remains of two cultists, a journal, and a tome entitled “Liber Ivonis”. The tome was in poor condition but was retained for the University.

From the journal, it was discovered that Walter Corbitt was burred in the basement of the very house we were investigating.

After a break for lunch, and a chance to do some planning, we will go to the Corbitt house.

Early Afternoon: Boston, The Corbitt House.

After checking the main door and several windows, we gained entry through the mud room. While investigating the ground floor, we discover three volumes of Her Corbitts diaries. Deciding that the upper floor can wait, we descend into the basement. While examining the first room of the basement, we were attacked by an animated dagger. Orvil was stabbed before Nathan trapped the blade by causing it to be embedded into a piece of lumber.

We determined that one wall of the room was a false wall and was hiding a chamber on the other side. Once we entered the hidden chamber, we discovered Corbitts body. As it turned out, it was Corbitt himself rather than his dead body. After putting two .45 slugs into him, Corbitt died and turned to dust. Upon his death, the very atmosphere within the house seemed to be cleansed.

It would seem that we have accomplished our task, we return to Arkham this evening.


Good job on adventure log!

The Haunting

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